Upcoming Resources

Image of two students working together on a computer

CBI participants provided input for future AccessSTEM resources currently in development. These resources are designed to support the AccessSTEM goal and will also benefit from significant input from student leaders, staff members, and partners.

Online Publications

Two project publications will be freely available online. The first publication will encourage postsecondary institutions, through direct service and outreach, to make STEM programs and support services welcoming and accessible to students with disabilities. Approximately 100 pages in length, the publication will include:

  • Specific, practical suggestions for making STEM labs, classrooms, online resources, and curricula welcoming and accessible to everyone.
  • Examples of easy fixes (e.g., including in the accessible design of a science lab, adjustable-height workstations and assistive technology) as well as more long-term approaches (e.g., changing the culture of a STEM department or college to be more inclusive of individuals with disabilities).
  • Evidence-based practices, developed and evaluated by past and current RDE-funded projects.

The second publication will share pictures and bios of approximately fifty successful students and employees with disabilities in STEM. Most will be participants and mentors in the AccessSTEM project, but other projects will be asked to solicit contributors as well. This product will make it clear that people with disabilities can be and are successful in STEM fields while also highlighting some of the challenges they face.


Targeted at postsecondary institutions, the video will share strategies for making departments, programs, and resources, particularly those in STEM, welcoming and accessible to students with disabilities. It will complement the first publication described above. Filming was conducted during the CBI.


A new website, The Science Lab, will be developed as an addition to DO-IT’s popular AccessCollege collection of stakeholder-focused websites. Other websites in the collection are:

  • The Faculty Room — For faculty and academic administrators.
  • The Student Services Conference Room — For staff and administrators.
  • The Employment Office — For employers and career services.
  • The Student Lounge — For students with disabilities.
  • The Veterans Center — For veterans with disabilities and those who work with them.
  • The Board Room — For high-level administrators.
  • The Center for Universal Design in Education — Principles, processes, guidelines, checklists, and promising practices for applying universal design to instruction, student services, technology, and physical spaces.