Heidi and Samuel, DO-IT Interns

The DO-IT Phase II Scholars in the NOAA workshop looked at modern issues confronting the world, as well as environmental issues and solutions. NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is a government organization that focuses on understanding our planet. NOAA studies the big and small, from waterways to global warming. The participants were Phase II Scholars Yomara, Russell, Chris, Nate, and Erik.

We started out with a presentation from Kevin about the bleak story of Easter Island, the most isolated island in the world. From there we discussed various issues, such as global warming both past and present, along with the history of past cultures. Attributes of past cultures and global events that we examined included the Roman Empire with the aqueducts, Mayan Empire as the example of society collapsing, World War I, and the possible war over resources to show the effects of low resources.

From Kelly McCusker and Reid Wolcott, we learned about weather and climate change, as well as some of the career opportunities within the field. Led by Annemarie Poginy, we worked together as a group to develop a presentation for Summer Study's closing ceremonies. Studying environmental issues was both enlightening and terrifying. Today we struggle with our resources, but tomorrow they might be gone.