Outdoors for All

Vanessa, Phase I Scholar

For two hours on a temperate evening, DO-IT Scholars and Interns cut figure eights in a parking lot and raced each other on a nearby bike trail. Outdoors For All had come to the University of Washington for DO-IT's Summer Study!

Outdoors For All brought a truck full of bikes, both regular and adaptive, types that some Scholars had never seen before. There were ten-gear mountain tricycles, tricycles with wide seats, hand-operated tricycles, bikes with chair-backed seats, pedals designed for extra safety with straps, and other variations. One bike was set up so that it would not coast under any circumstances. One of the most interesting bikes was a two-seater that was pedaled with the riders legs positioned nearly straight out, and steered by handles and handbrakes located beneath the seat. One Scholar who is blind, rode that bike and she really enjoyed it. We all appreciated the diversity of the bikes, which allowed everyone to participate, no matter the nature of their disability.

The evening air rushing by us as we pedaled around the UW was most enjoyable!