Microsoft Field Trip

Louis and Reese, Phase I Scholars

Our trip to Microsoft was one to remember. My first memory of it is that the building had air-conditioning. With Seattle temperatures breaking heat records it was nice to be in a room that didn't feel like a sauna.

Besides getting a chance to cool off, the best part of the trip was learning about the benefits of internships and how they can help students starting out in their career. We also got to visit a room where Microsoft has accommodations for people with disabilities. They had offices that were built for people with disabilities, including blindness, quadriplegia, and learning disabilities. We were able to see the technology that Microsoft provides to level the playing field for people of different abilities.

The speakers at Microsoft were all people with disabilities, which demonstrated that people with disabilities can get meaningful jobs in the computer science field.

Our trip ended with a visit to the employee store. DO-IT participants received exclusive access to shop for Microsoft products, at employee prices. There were things from games to Windows platforms, all at extremely low prices. This Microsoft trip was not only fun, but also educational for DO-IT Scholars. We would love to do it again.