Real Life Tales From Windstorm '95

Ambassador Anna and Phase II Scholar CJ

I live on the fifth floor of my dorm, so we can always hear the wind quite well. Well, Tuesday night I was typing my English final on my computer in my dorm room. All evening I'd been hearing on the news, "Stay away from windows because the wind may be strong enough to break them." Now, first of all, you can't really get away from windows in a dorm room because the room just isn't big enough. Seond, my desk is right next to/in front of the window. So, I'm doing my final, and around 8:30 or so, the wind really got going. It was blowing and whistling and just being obnoxious, and I DID NOT WANT TO BE BY THE WINDOW. It was pretty scary, but thankfully, nothing broke and the power didn't go out either.


Well, we just (finally) got our power back. It didn't go out until about 8:00 in the evening. As to wind, we didn't see much of that either. The trees around our hosue were totally still most of the time. That's because we live around on the back side of a big hill, so all of the wind was going over us. <grin> I always miss the fun. <big grin> My friend said that the wind over on east Oly was strong enough that he could lean into it and it would hold him up!