The Value of DO-IT for Someone who DID-IT

Stuart, 1999 DO-IT Scholar
Picture of DO-IT Scholar Stuart
1999 SO-IT Scholar, Stuart

I was a 1999 DO-IT Scholar. I am a double amputee. I live on Vashon Island, WA. I am currently attending Seattle Central Community College. Next year, I am planning to attend the University of Washington to study business. My interests are computers, cars, and world issues.

In my junior year of high school, I was accepted into the DO-IT Scholars program. When I joined DO-IT, I did not have much understanding of computers or the Internet. From Summer Study 1999, I learned more about computers and, in turn, quickly became interested in them. I felt my perspective of everything changed as a result of this. I learned what opportunities were available for students with disabilities, and what kinds of questions I should ask—and whom I should ask—when applying to colleges. Now that I am applying to the UW, I am going to use many things that I learned at the DO-IT Summer Study program.

I was able to get a 2003 summer internship at the UW Access Technology Lab through DO-IT. I learned about all the kinds of adaptive technology that is available for students with disabilities and gained a better understanding of potential issues that students may encounter in their education, from a technological perspective.