DO-IT '98

Scholars Marissa and Lindsay


Two weeks out of the summer
Twenty kids with special needs
From all over the United States come
To have fun,
Meet new people
And most of all get prepared for their futures
No matter what that may entail.

Many new experiences occur
Many new sights to see
And lots of cool people to meet

Each day more priorities
A bigger schedule to follow
More to do.

Although at first it may be a lot to soak in at once
Lectures, videos, hands-on activities
We all stick together as a whole
And that's what makes DO-IT different
And when the weeks are over
We know that we can DO-IT!

When we leave we'll always remember
That we have great staff
And remember that we had a great time.

Now we can DO-IT
We can get into college
And will eventually have a career.

We went through the first Phase
And we're eager to come back again
Because we'll miss joking with everyone.

Years have passed
High school is gone
Now we'll be in college
Studying hard on our career.

Hopefully it will bring luck in the coming years
The DO-IT program is the best thing we ever did!