Myths About Internships

Scott Bellman, DO-IT Staff

DO-IT maintains one of the most robust and vibrant internship programs in the country. In the last three years, participants in DO-IT programs have completed over 250 challenging internships. Check out the following myths—and facts—about internships.

MYTH: Interns usually do beginner-level tasks or grunt work. 
FACT: Interns are often involved in complex and important projects. 

MYTH: Internships are really hard to get and only go to top students. 
FACT: Placement can be competitive, but there are a lot of places to look.

MYTH: Interns work for free, and an internship won't help me get a permanent job. 
FACT: Some internships are paid, and all internships can help students build their professional network for future job searches.

MYTH: Internships aren't worth much unless I can get academic credit. 
FACT: Even if they don't give credit, internships help students build resumes and learn valuable skills. 

MYTH: An internship is the same thing as a part-time job.
FACT: Internships are different from part-time jobs, because interns are expected to be learning new skills.

MYTH: Internships always happen during the summer.
FACT: There are year-round opportunities for internships.

MYTH: There are no special internship programs for students with disabilities.
FACT: Yes there are! Here are a few examples: