DO-IT's Partnership with Boeing

Debra Zawada, DO-IT Staff

The DO-IT Center is collaborating with the Seattle Public Schools' Career and Technical Education (CTE) department to increase the successful inclusion of students with disabilities in program options. DO-IT began by working with the Skill Center programs.

Photo of DO-IT Staff member works with scholars to do a science experiment.
DO-IT promotes gaining skills in a variety of career fields.

The school district launched the Skill Center program in Fall 2012, with new classes added each year. At present, there are six program offerings, which includes aerospace science and technology, information technology, culinary arts, digital animation and gaming, fire science, and medical careers. The Skill Center is staffed primarily by teachers with a background in industry focused support, and encourages universal design of instruction to reach all learners. By designing instruction for students who are diverse in ability, age, race, ethnicity, reading level, learning style, and other characteristics, instructors lessen the need for individual accommodations and increase the potential of success for all students.

In addition, DO-IT is engaging a range of CTE staff through discussion lists and the creation of web resources related to the full inclusion of students with disabilities. DO-IT's collaboration with CTE is funded by the Boeing Company.