Summer Study: What Do Phase II Scholars Do?

Phase II Scholars return to the UW Seattle campus for their second Summer Study. They meet the Phase I Scholars, learn about college life and career preparation, and participate in a one-week workshop with postsecondary instructors.

Phase II Workshops

2012 DO-IT Interns
Photo group of DO-IT Scholar Macy filming at the Reel Grrls class.
Phase II Scholar Macy films during a Reel Grrls class.

This summer three Phase II workshops were held 9 am-noon, Monday through Friday. All of the participants presented their findings at DO-IT Closing Ceremonies.

Scholars Jae, Macy, Sean, and Joshua participated in Disability and the Media led by Reel Grrls staff member Monica Olsson and supported by two DO-IT Interns Rosa and Russell. Held at Reel Grrls Studio in Seattle, participants learned the technology of production while beginning to focus on how individuals with disabilities are portrayed by today's media. The Scholars split into two groups to create video blogs. One blog focused on 'ableism' and the other used humor to get their perspective across on how to interact with people with disabilities. These videos are located at: and

Neurobiology: Bugs, Mice and Brains! was conducted in the UW's neurobiology labs and was led by Dr. Martha Bosma, associate professor of biology. Scholars Kaylie, Deicy, Mauricio, and Vaughn investigated how nerves respond during their interactions. They recorded action potentials with cockroach legs and spontaneous activity with the embryonic mouse hindbrains. The experiments conducted in real labs were led by two graduate students Hiro and Julia and were supported by DO-IT Interns Tatusuro and Maximo.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) workshop, Responding to Natural Disasters, coordinated and led by Julie Peddy and Dr. Stephanie Moore, took place both on and off campus. NOAA scientists led presentations and experiments related to earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, oil spills, and global warming on the UW campus. Also, Scholars visited the Sandpoint NOAA labs in Seattle where they viewed the actual workspaces and equipment used by scientists to monitor the weather and environment. Scholars Cecily, Kim, Paige, and Diego were supported by DO-IT Interns Benjy, Niki, and Chris.