Investigative Interviews

Grace and Hannah, Phase I Scholars

As Phase I Scholars, we learned about all different types of disabilities during our week at Summer Study.

After interviewing fellow Scholar Peter, we found out he has autism. He was diagnosed when he was two and a half years old. He has worked with a therapist. One of his accommodations is he is able to have extended time on his tests at school.

Alicia, another Phase I Scholar, was diagnosed as deaf when she was only one year old. She uses an interpreter and has notes provided by the teachers at school. Alicia also wears not one, but two cochlear implants. A cochlear implant is a surgical device implanted in the cochlear to help people hear better. She found out about the DO-IT program through her older sister, Erika, a Phase II Scholar.

We also interviewed Phase II Scholar Kaylie, who is also deaf. She learned how to prepare for college and the future from DO-IT. She really enjoyed being a Phase II Scholar because of the many interactive hands-on activities.