IMAX Accessibility

Aaliyah and Alicia, Phase I Scholars

Our experience at the IMAX Theater was great and interesting! We saw Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs. We were seated early, which was great for the people in wheelchairs. Also, Scholars who are deaf received the movie script ahead of time, which was helpful because we knew what the movie was going to be about. However, the theater was so dark that the script was unreadable during movie. Captions would have been helpful, whether it be captioning glasses or open captioning on the screen.

The visual aspects of the IMAX movie were awesome! Because of the great visuals, Scholars who are hearing impaired were able to understand what was going on by the actions of the characters in the movie. The sound was also awesome because we could feel the vibrations. This made the movie fun! The movie engaged our curiosity but it was too short, we wanted to know more about the subject. We were glad to have this experience so a big thank you to DO-IT and everyone involved in making the IMAX movie happen.