Better attends UW summer program

This article was published in the Goldnedale Sentinel.

Crystal Better, of Goldendale High School, is one of approximately 60 youths with disabilities who will attend a challenging summer study program at the University of Washington to learn leadership skills and how to succeed in college and in the career world. The summer session will be Aug. 3-13.

The occasion is the summer study sessions of the Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology (DO-IT) program, an award winning UW effort intended to show the students how to develop the skills needed to enter college or university and DO-IT.

Attending students will participate in a variety of activities, including games, dances, virtual reality sessions at the UW's Human Interface Technology Lab and workshops covering a wide range of topics. In addition, first year scholars will dissect sheep's hearts, test their pedaling prowess on customized bicycles, visit Microsoft Corp. and the Pacific Science Center and take in a Seattle mariners baseball game.

Crystal is the daughter of Dan and Karla Better of Goldendale.