Diversity at the UW

Resources for Department Chairs

Appointment, Promotion, and Annual Reviews

Online resources on UW policies and practices for faculty reviews (annual, tenure, and promotion) are available through both the Faculty Code and Governance and the Office of Academic Personnel.  Department Chairs will want to review each of those resources or contact those offices with any specific questions that arise.  The links below are intended to provide easy access to general information on policies and practices for faculty reviews.

Faculty Code and Governance

Chapter 21 Organization of the University Faculty
Chapter 24 Appointment and Promotion of Faculty Members
Chapter 24-32 Scholarly and Professional Qualifications of Faculty Members
Chapter 24-54 Procedure for Promotions
Chapter 25 Tenure of the Faculty

Presidential Executive Orders

No. I Directors and Chairs
No. VIII Presiding Officers of Chairs, Schools, and Departments
No. 31 Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action
No. 45 Documentation of Qualifications and Recommendations for Promotion, Tenure, and Merit Increases
No. 64 Faculty Salary Policy

Promotion Review Process

For Departmentalized Units

For Undepartmentalized Units

Accessing Useful Data

 A variety of tools are available through Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to provide unit leaders with access to data intended to best inform decision-making.  Authorization is required to use each of the EDW resources below.  You can login at each site to determine if you are an authorized user, or you can check your access online.  Access to the tools can be requested, if necessary.

  1. The Academic Personnel Appointments with Demographics was created to illustrate trends in faculty demographics. The data may be filtered by faculty type, college, department, and demographic category, and are made available to chairs in Tableau.
  2. UW Profiles is a data visualization tool with dashboards that allow you to explore and aggregate data about activities at any level of the University, from an entire campus to a small department. UW Profiles offers a demonstration video and user guide for beginners.
  3. The Business Intelligence (BI) Portal allows authorized users to access and use UW Enterprise Data Warehouse reports and analytics to make data-informed decisions for their units. Once in the Portal, new users can click on the BI Portal Quick Guide to learn about the system and the reports available to them.