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Party planning

Make your party fun, safe and a good time for everyone

Only invite the number of guests your house or apartment can hold. Open invitations on Facebook or random texts to everyone in your cell can result in an unruly & unwanted crowd.

Designate a sober greeter for the door. This person can regulate the number of people and help deal with problems of gate crashers. Most problems in the U District at parties arise from non-UW students crashing. Know who you invited and stick with the plan.

Keep the noise level down, check out our section on noise for more info about the law and the penalties. Getting a citation or visit by the police is sure to be a party downer and could cost you $269 or more! Give your neighbors your number so they can call you before they call the police.

Drink responsibly. It is against the law for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. Minors can receive Minor in Possession Citations which can result in fines ranging from $250-$1000. If you provide the alcohol to a minor, you can be charged with Unlawful Furnishing of Liquor to a minor and also face criminal prosecution.

Have food and snacks as well as non-alcohol drinks, as well as plenty of drinking water. Stay away from salty snacks as they can make people drink more. Remember as a rule of thumb, it takes your body about an hour to process one beer, glass of wine or standard shot, so even after you stop drinking, you are still becoming more intoxicated.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. You have heard it a thousand times, but do you want your friend killed in an accident because of a party at your house? Use the bus, call a cab and take away keys. Who cares if your friend gets a bit mad, at least they are alive!

Things getting out of hand? CALL 911!!! Don’t try to deal with it yourself. SPD and UWPD would rather help deal with a problem before someone gets hurt.

Clean up after your party. Remember, UW Students are good neighbors. Don’t leave bottles, cans and other debris in your yard. Recycle and sustain your neighborhood.