Counseling Center

Individual Counseling

Intake Appointment

The first meeting with a counselor typically lasts 45-50 minutes. This is an opportunity to discuss your presenting concerns and develop a treatment plan based on your needs. You are required to complete standardized forms prior to the appointment, and are asked to arrive 30 minutes early. Your counselor will likely ask questions about your mental health history, family, background, and current functioning, to develop the most appropriate plan with you.

You can schedule an intake appointment by calling us at 206.543.1240.

Individual Counseling

Students receiving short-term counseling will meet for an average of four to six 50-minute sessions scheduled bi-weekly or monthly. While counseling experiences can vary greatly from person to person, a few topics appropriate for short-term counseling are:

  • Managing time and academic stress
  • Managing mood and thoughts
  • Relationship support
  • Navigating life transitions as well as academic and career decision-making

Following a course of short-term counseling, students can request referrals for continued care in the community. If a student returns to the CC with the same presenting concerns, a referral for open-ended or longer-term care will be pursued. If a student is returning due to a new presenting concern or stressor, they may re-engage in short-term counseling if they and their intake counselor decide their needs can be appropriately met with another course of short-term treatment.