Counseling Center

Direct Services

Individual counseling

Interns see an average of 16 ongoing clients per week.  Because a short-term treatment model ensures the use of the Counseling Center by the greatest number of students, students are often seen for approximately 4-6 sessions. Trainees may also keep one longer-term client on their caseload when clinically appropriate and resources allow.

Initial consultations

Each intern will conduct four to five initial consultations per week, although this number may fluctuate during high-volume times.

Outreach programming

Outreach is an important service provided by the Counseling Center, and there are many opportunities to participate in outreach programming.  Outreach offers the opportunity to interact with students who would ordinarily have no contact with the Counseling Center.  Interns present at least eight outreach programs per academic year, and typically present many more than that.  Examples of frequently requested outreach programs include:  time management and procrastination, eating disorders, assertiveness, stress management, diversity, relationship enhancement, acquaintance rape, careers, academic success, and Counseling Center services.  Interns are encouraged to develop outreach programs that are within their interest areas.

Group counseling

The Counseling Center offers psychotherapy groups for students, depending upon resources and student interest and participation.  Interns typically participate in developing and co-leading, under supervision, a group in their area of expertise and interest or a general psychotherapy group.