Novel coronavirus information

“Why I got vaccinated”

Face coverings are required indoors regardless of vaccination status.
UW personnel and students are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Learn from UW community members why they got vaccinated – and why they encourage you to do the same.

Shubhangi B

“Getting a vaccine is important to me not for my own safety but also for the safety of my roommates, friends and family. Getting an appointment was simple with UW Medicine’s advanced scheduling system. As an international student, even my family in my home country is super excited that I can get vaccinated. I encourage all of you to get vaccinated to protect yourself and each one of us and fulfill your responsibility in the community.”

– Shubhangi B., UW student

Portrait of Julie Kientz

“I am a strong believer in public health and working together toward a common good. I was very excited to get vaccinated to help support people in my community who cannot get vaccinated. This was especially important to me as children, including my own, are currently too young to get vaccinated and need to be protected by those who can.”

– Julie Kientz, Professor and Chair, Human Centered Design & Engineering

Ed Taylor portrait - Watch his vaccine story on YouTube

“I got the vaccine because I believe in and trust science. I got the vaccine because it gets me a little closer to being in the company of you, my friends, my family, loved ones and ‘every-day people.’ I got the vaccine because I want my community and workplace to be safe and for us all to be present to one another.”

– Ed Taylor, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Hear Dean Taylor talk about why he got vaccinated

Tyler A.

“I got vaccinated against COVID-19 because I wanted to visit high-risk family and friends, protect our community and end the pandemic. Another easy, painless layer of protection against the virus for myself isn’t bad either! Please get vaccinated when it’s available to you.”

– Tyler A., UW student

Talia K

“I chose to get the COVID-19 vaccine because the health and safety of our whole community is contingent upon each individual being protected. I was fortunate to get my first dose of the vaccine at UW Medicine, it was simple to navigate the appointment and a painless vaccine to get. I’m very grateful to the scientists, nurses, facilities managers and building custodians who made my vaccine appointment possible, and I encourage everyone to get their vaccine appointment for the overall health and safety of the whole UW community.”

– Talia K., UW student

Rebecca Gourley (right) with neighbor Sue baking bread

“I got vaccinated not only to protect my family, but also to learn how to bake bread. We kindly refer to our neighbors as our ‘adopted grandparents’ and throughout the last year, Sue has been giving us freshly baked bread on occasion. Last April I told her ‘Once this is all over, can I come over to learn how to make this?’ Now that we’re both fully vaccinated, she’s teaching me!”

– Rebecca Gourley, UW News

Kayla N

“I chose to get vaccinated to protect my community and my loved ones. As a daughter of a Filipina nurse, it means so much to me to receive this vaccine and to finally be able to plan a trip home to Southern California to see my mom, aunt and senior pups. Making my appointment and receiving the vaccine was quick, easy and painless. I was in and out in 20 minutes and experienced little to no side effects. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated and protect the UW and global community!”

– Kayla N., UW student

Sophia C

“I chose to get vaccinated to protect not only myself, but also the people around me. I have family members with underlying health issues. Getting vaccinated allows me to do my part to keep them safe. The shot was quick and painless. I am very grateful to be vaccinated and encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated as well so we can keep each other safe and hopefully return to our beautiful campus in the near future.”

– Sophia C., UW student

Portrait of Thomas Thorpe

“From the earliest days of the pandemic, I watched many family, friends and colleagues work tirelessly to keep us all safe and stop the spread. Because of their hard work, I knew when the time was right, I wanted to do my part to help. I got vaccinated to keep my community safe, visit with loved ones again, and travel to all the places I have missed so much.”

– Thom Thorpe, University Marketing & Communications

Jane F

“I was so excited to receive my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine! Being vaccinated will allow me to see my grandparents this June for the first time in two years, at my little brother’s high school graduation. I’m really happy to know that I will be keeping my family and friends safe by getting vaccinated. The process of getting vaccinated was so easy – it took about 15 minutes, and was painless other than a little arm soreness. I would urge every UW student to get vaccinated for your community, and to keep those around you safe and healthy.”

– Jane F., UW student

Ana Mari Cauce receives a COVID-19 vaccination

“Not only am I incredibly relieved to be protected from COVID, but I’m proud to be part of our community-wide effort to keep everyone safe as we work to reach herd immunity. The rewards of increasing vaccination rates couldn’t be sweeter than getting to see my great-niece and nephew for the first time in over a year and a half. I want everyone to experience that kind of joy, so get VACCINATED!”
– Ana Mari Cauce, President