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Updated boosters provide enhanced protection against current COVID-19 variants.

If you are a Washington state resident, you can enroll now in WA Notify, a smartphone app that lets you know when you’ve potentially been exposed to COVID-19. This new tool is free, completely private, and does not track your activity or identity.

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How WA Notify works

When you have WA Notify enabled, your phone exchanges random, anonymous codes with the phones of nearby people who also have enabled WA Notify on their smartphones. If a WA Notify user tests positive for COVID-19 and adds their testing verification code to the app.

Whenever a WA Notify user tests positive for COVID-19 and adds their verification code to the app, WA Notify sends anonymous notifications to any other users who have been near the infected person in the past two weeks. This lets you get the care you need quickly and helps prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to other people. The state’s official WA Notify page has more information about the technology powering WA Notify.

Two people with Wa Notify enabled will have anonymous information shared across their devices, making it possible for you to quickly learn about any potential COVID-19 exposures from people you've been near. See the linked PDF for more details.

Who is WA Notify?

The WA Exposure Notifications application is implemented and managed by faculty, staff developers, and students at the University of Washington & Brotman Baty Institute in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Health. WA Exposure Notify operates under oversight from the Washington Department of Health and is an initiative within the CommonCircle project, which includes the UW, Brotman Baty Institute, volunteers from across Microsoft Research and Microsoft product divisions, volunteers from other organizations and health departments.