Image of the Husky PACK pledge detailed on this pageDeveloped with student leaders, the Husky PACK Pledge outlines the responsibilities Huskies have to protect themselves and each other. We ask you to read it carefully and commit yourself to upholding its values. Download and print the pledge to post in your living space.



I will follow state, local and University public health requirements by getting vaccinated, attesting to my vaccination status, wearing a face covering when required, and monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms. I will stay home if I am ill or symptomatic, report a positive COVID-19 test result to the University* and participate in contact tracing if asked.

I recognize there are other impacts of this pandemic to my personal well-being, financial security and mental health. To the best of my ability, I will support my overall wellness.


I will use scientifically sound sources to educate myself about the spread of COVID-19 so I can guard against it for myself and others and because scientific knowledge and public policy continue to evolve. I recognize some people are particularly vulnerable to the virus and I will act in ways that promote health and safety for all.


I realize my daily choices contribute to the overall health and safety of the larger community, not just my own, and I will act accordingly. I will choose safe practices both on and off campus, including getting tested if I am exposed, symptomatic or requested to do so, getting my annual flu shot, keeping shared spaces clean and practicing good hand hygiene.


I will treat myself and others with the compassion every person deserves at all times but especially during this time of great uncertainty. The virus has caused suffering in ways that are both public and private. I will consider how my actions might affect others, without presuming to know all they are going through. And I will strive to treat everyone in our community with kindness and respect, regardless of our similarities or differences.

* If you test positive for COVID-19, notify the UW COVID-19 Response and Prevention Team at or 206-616-3344.