Center for Conservation Biology



Community Outreach and Education



a group of children sit at a table listen to presentation while Casey, a little white and brown Jack Russel Terrier greets the children by standing at the table with his paws on it.


Our scent detection teams love to share the love of science and outreach is an important part of our mission to create a better world for future generations. Our education outreach programming brings field science into the classroom.

Our study areas allow us to increase awareness of conservation issues and efforts that we are currently undertaking. By broadening our geographic horizons, we can also develop relationships with local communities and cater education outreach to their specific interests. We aspire to create a dialogue about wildlife conservation on a regional scale, and engage people in the fascinating world of their own native flora and fauna.

Along with our outreach programming with elementary, middle school, and high school aged children, we also love to give presentations and demonstrations at conferences and other events catered towards adults.

Our base rate of $450 includes up to 3 classroom presentations (roughly 3 hours) per site visit within an 50 mile radius of the main University of Washington Campus. Contact us to schedule