Center for Conservation Biology

Grey speckled cattle dog stands on rock with lake and mountain in background


Zilly joined the program in 2015 from a family who saw how perfect she was for our line of work. She's ball crazy and eager to take on new challenges... as long as she's got her pals by her side! In her first year, Zilly worked on wind farms and brought laughter and joy to everyone there. Though not intentionally, Zilly is a goofball and makes all her handlers laugh constantly. She thinks of herself as a very serious pup, but we all see her silly side! This summer, Zilly worked in the Adirondacks looking for moose scat. In the fall, she accompanied her best friend, Suzie, to California to look for fisher and marten scat. Where does she get her name from? Well, Zilly is the only dog we know that will stick her tongue out while working into a scent. This dog could easily be a lizard, or Godzilla!