Center for Conservation Biology

Black lab sits on tree stump looking up at camera


Adopted in 2012 from the Prison Pet Partnership, our handlers quickly fell in love with #CK9Winnie. She's silly and wiggly, super smart and super dedicated. In the field, Winnie is highly capable and shows off her skills by walking logs and navigating tricky spots with ease. 2017 was a big year for Winnie! Starting back in January, she left for 11 months of car camping and surveying for a variety of species across the western states. Many of her projects focused on cougars and their activity in New Mexico, Oregon, and California. Winnie also did some work looking for fisher and marten in California. These projects covered a diverse range of habitats and each posed a unique set of challenges. But no challenge was too big for Winnie, who can problem solve out of any situation. Back at the kennel for the first time in 11 months, Winnie is excited for some rest and relaxation. Just kidding! Winnie is still full of energy and always ready to go on a hike or play ball.