Center for Conservation Biology

Orion, a lab, lays in wild grass and wears an orange safety vest


Orion travelled the through South America and across the United States seeking endangered species scat for Conservation Canines. Like all the dogs with CK9, he was chosen from a shelter because he was smart and totally loved playing with a tennis ball. Due to his relentless search for scat and his exuberance during his playtime with the ball, he was often the dog of choice to train new dog handlers for CK9s. For if you could handle Orion, you could handle any of their dogs! Orion was retired several years ago and went to live out his final days with his new owner in Central Oregon. He never gave up his love of racing after a tennis ball or scampering through the woods! He will be remembered for many reasons but also because he taught me, that miracles do happen and love does conquer all. He will be sorely missed!