Center for Conservation Biology

Isis, a lab, sits in the grass outside and holds an "Orca Survey" booklet in her mouth


Isis was adopted by Dave in the early Fall of 2006. During summer months, Isis has become the “official” dog of the Center for Whale Research (CWR) on San Juan Island where she provides much needed dog fixes for the staff. While she has gone out on the boat with the CWR to see orcas, she usually just waits patiently on “her” sofa at CWR to greet the staff when they get home. Isis is quite the charmer and she often gets a “Oh, you’re cute!” when people first meet her. She’s so sweet she even wags her tail in her sleep! At home, she lives like a queen and her stuffed animals cover the floor. We enjoy long walks all over San Juan Island when the weather and whales permit. Isis’s favorite thing to do in the evenings is to snuggle with her people on the couch. Photo credit Traci Walter.