Center for Conservation Biology

Yellow Lab lays in grass on top of hill with mountains in distance


In 2008, Chester joined our family and filled all of our hearts to the brim. Coming from Seattle Humane, we were shocked that such a happy and sweet dog couldn't find a home. Chester's endless energy definitely would have made him a tough house pet, which made him a perfect Conservation Canine! From the wind farms to the Pyrenees, Chester can work on any project with any target species. New handlers get to work with Chester for a few reasons: he is independent, which can be tough, but he's also loving and always excited to get to work, which makes him a great coworker. His enthusiasm is contagious! Chester is still working at 14 years old! He doesn't go in the field as much anymore, so Chester has transitioned to work as an education dog, going into classrooms and teaching kids about wildlife conservation! He just loves all the attention.