Center for Conservation Biology


Hiccup came to the program from Performance Rescue in 2012. Though he's named after the character in "How to Train Your Dragon", the name is quite applicable because his high pitched back sounds a bit like a startling hiccup! Hiccup is probably the cutest dog to work with in the field. When he finds a target, his huge smile fills his entire face! Hiccup loves to blow bubbles in puddles and will run off in search of pools to dip in. If we needed a puddle detection dog, Hiccup would be the happiest pup in the world! Hiccup has worked on multiple wind farm studies across the country. This year, he spent his second summer in the Adirondacks of New York looking for moose scat! The warm weather and beautiful hills made for a perfect puddle-jumping and scat-detecting environment. Back at the kennel for the winter, Hiccup loves to slide around in the fresh snow and play with his best friend, Athena.