Center for Conservation Biology

Small brown and black cattle dog sits next to tracks in the dirt


When Skye came to Conservation Canines in 2014 from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, she was shy and untrustworthy. If you asked her to come inside, she'd look at you skeptically and walk in the opposite direction. With time and patience, Skye grew to be comfortable with all the handlers and with exploring as a team in the field. In this year alone, Skye worked on three intense field studies on opposite sides of the world! From Nepal, to Vietnam, to upstate New York, to northern California, Skye was all over the place! In Nepal and Vietnam, Skye searched for scat from the critically endangered pangolin, the most heavily trafficked mammals in the world. This made the surveys tough, not to mention the thousands of leeches, the thick jungle understory, and the millions of other distractions! Skye spent the rest of the year looking for moose in the Adirondacks, and fisher and marten in northern California. When collecting data, this little powerhouse will quietly let you know to stop working and keep playing. She will emit a quiet yeti call to let you know it's time to throw the ball.