Center for Conservation Biology

Frehley, a border collie, wears a safety vest and lays down attentively in the snow


Frehley came to our program from the Seattle Animal Shelter in 2005. When he arrived, he was emaciated and neurotic – bringing with him a nervous tic where he would chase his paws. The only thing that would get his attention away was playing with his favorite toy. Slowly, he gained more confidence and “normalcy” through working. Frehley started out in our matching program where he would match scats to the individual within a population. After showing a great aptitude for this, he was sent to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California to search for fisher scats. He ended up being one of our main fisher scat-finding dogs and surveyed for them in many locations in both California and Oregon for parts of 7 years. Frehley was also one of our dogs searching for the elusive Jemez Mountain Salamander in New Mexico. In addition, Frehley was the hit of his handler’s wedding as he brought the ring down the aisle. Frehley retired from the Conservation Canines in the fall of 2013 and lived in Ohio with his former handler and best buddy Steven.