Research Scientists

Left: Kristen Finch (Post-Doc, Wasser Lab)
Center: David Giblin (Collections Manager, UW Burke Museum Herbarium, Biodiversity Collections)
Right: Kathleen Gobush (PhD- Research Affiliate)


Left: Yves Hoareau (Research Scientist, Wasser Lab)
Center: Ryan Horwitz (Research Scientist, Wasser Lab)
Right: Eunjin Jeon (Research Scientist, Wasser Lab)


Left: Ada Kaliszewska (Lab Manager, Wasser Lab)
Center: Nuttada Panpradist (Post-Doc, Lutz Lab Bioengineering)
Right: Suzanne Peyer (Research Scientist, UW School of Forestry and Environmental Science (SEFS))


Left: Tammy Rock (Manager, Conservation Canines)
Center: Martin Sadilek (Facility Manager, UW Mass Spectrometry Facility)
Right: Andrew Schauer (Manager, Isolab, Department of Earth and Space Sciences)


Left: Julianne Ubigau (Education and Outreach Coordinator, Center for Environmental Forensic Science)