Retired Conservation Canines

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This page is dedicated to Moja

Brown lab sniffs the ground on a grassy hillside


The first scent detection dog trained by the Center for Conservation Biology, Moja’s ground-breaking work proved the scat detection dog concept, opening a whole new noninvasive approach to conservation biology: Dogs rescued from animal shelters provide some of the most comprehensive sampling of ecosystems to date. Moja’s legacy has allowed our center to build a program that now includes many resident Conservation Canines and many more detection dogs working for other programs around the world.

Moja served on the grizzly and black bear project in Alberta, Canada and as program ambassador for many years. He appeared in numerous magazine and newspaper articles and was featured twice on Discover.Canada. Moja eventually retired, living happily as the beloved pet of our center director. Sadly, Moja died of heart failure in the summer of 2006. However, his legacy lives on.

All of the dogs in our program have been instrumental to our success. We become closely bonded to them long before their tenure is through. Upon retirement, we find them comfortable homes, usually with a former handler that appreciates their high-energy level even at retirement age. Our retired colleagues are shown below.