Center for Conservation Biology

“Using innovative research, education and public outreach to address human impacts on threatened and endangered species around the world.” – Dr. Sam Wasser, Director


Group of adult elephants inspecting a tusk from poached elephant

Elephant Ivory Tracking

How we use DNA forensics to combat the illegal elephant ivory trade.
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Three adult and one juvenile African elephants walk together through grassy plains

Effects of poaching

Long-term impacts of poaching on elephants in Tanzania.
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Black lab in snow

Conservation Canines

Scat detection dogs work with threatened and endangered wildlife all over the world.
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Two killer whales sticking heads out of water (i.e. a spy hop)

Killer whale decline

Our research on the decline of southern resident killer whales.
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Close-up of a caribou, a deer-like animal with large antlers

Impacts of oil exploration

How we monitor impacts of oil exploration on the caribou, moose and wolf in NE Alberta.
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Close-up of a northern spotted owl, looking at camera

Northern spotted owl

Why we use detection dogs to survey for owls.
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Fisher (weasel-like animal) hiding amongst fallen tree limbs

Monitoring fisher populations

Use of scat detection dogs to monitor this elusive, threatened species.
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sunda pangolin on a branch

USAID Tech Challenge

How we are using genetics to track pangolin poaching.
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Jaguar perched on tree limb, staring at camera

Impacts of agricultural expansion

Monitoring effects of wild land conversion on wide-ranging mammals of the Brazilian Cerrado.
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