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Protocol for Use and Approval To Send All-University E-mail

E-mail is a remarkably efficient means of communication. At the click of a button, seventy-thousand-plus people connected to the University community can receive a message.

However, the ease of communicating by e-mail invites unsolicited and unwanted messages. To preserve the use of University e-mail for the highest priority messages, the following protocol has been developed for sending university-wide e-mail.

UW Today is a Web site that carries news of interest to the UW community. If you would like to suggest an item for UW Today, please email

In rare cases, messages of compelling and immediate interest to the majority of the UW community may be sent directly by e-mail. Judgments about whether to authorize the use of university-wide e-mail will be made by the executive director of media relations and communications, in consultation with the executive vice president. The request must have the approval of the respective dean or vice president in order to receive consideration to use an all-University e-mail. If you believe you have an announcement that warrants a university-wide e-mail proceed to the Bulk Email Request Form.

Any questions regarding All-University E-mail policies can be directed to the Office of Media Relations and Communications.