Compliance Working Committee

The Compliance Working Committee is charged with developing and implementing a collaborative, coordinated and effective system for compliance at the University of Washington. This includes identifying the institution’s compliance goals, monitoring changes in the regulatory environment, establishing projects to address compliance gaps, and leveraging resources for greater efficiency and effectiveness.The Compliance Working Committee is charged by the Provost. Members include:

David Anderson (Chair) | Interim Associate Vice President, Compliance and Risk Services; Executive Director, Health Sciences Administration
Kirk Bailey | Chief Information Security Officer and Associate Vice President, UW-IT
Sue Camber | Associate Vice President and Controller, UW Finance
Jim Mathis | Chief Compliance Officer, UW Medicine
Joe Giffels | Associate Vice Provost for Research Compliance
Jill Lee | Executive Director, Compliance Services
Jackie Mynarski | Associate Athletic Director, Compliance, Intercollegiate Athletics
Ann Nagel | Institutional Privacy Official and Associate Vice Provost of Institutional Privacy
Erin Rice | Assistant Vice President, Campus HR Operations
Katia Harb | Interim Director, Environmental Health and Safety

President and Provost

The President and Provost set a tone from the top that establishes expectations for compliance with relevant laws and regulations. They provide resources to support compliance work and link operations to the University’s academic and research mission.

Board of Regents

Among the Regents’ key responsibilities is to ensure that the compliance program is independent, respected, and appropriately resourced and funded.