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September 25, 2019

2020-21 University Housing Assistance Pilot Program (UHAP)


Through a partnership between the University of Washington and the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (“the Commission”), UW faculty may qualify for assistance with their down payment when buying a home.

This program—called the University Housing Assistance Program or UHAP—is available to a select number of newly-hired tenure-track assistant and early-career associate professors who have been nominated by their dean and selected by the provost. Through a second-mortgage loan, eligible borrowers can receive up to 10% of the home’s sale price (or $90,000, whichever is less) which reduces the amount of cash needed for a down payment.



The 2020-21 University Housing Assistance Program requires that candidates:

  • Accept an official offer of employment as a tenure-track assistant or early-career associate professor at the University of Washington
  • Reserve their spot in the program within one month of official invitation to participate
  • Acquire a first mortgage with one of three approved lenders
  • Initiate a UHAP loan with one of three approved lenders within the first two years of employment at the University of Washington
  • Qualify for a loan



Once you have been officially invited to participate by the UW Office of Academic Personnel, you must accept the invitation within one month of the invitation. While accepting the invitation does not obligate you to participate, it does reserve your opportunity to participate in the program at any point within the first two years of your employment at UW.

Should you chose to participate, the next step is to contact the Commission to discuss the benefits of the program and answer initial questions. The Commission will help direct you to approved lenders in your area who have been trained on the University Housing Assistance Program. The lender will confirm your program eligibility and determine how much assistance you qualify for. A loan must be initiated within the first two years of UW employment in order to qualify for the program.



To receive the down payment assistance, the borrower must qualify for a first mortgage loan. This requires meeting conventional loan guidelines in such areas as debt-to-income ratio and credit score. One of the trained lenders above can help you work through this process.

The down payment assistance is provided as a second mortgage loan with an interest rate of 3.5% or 75% of the first mortgage rate, whichever is less. The loan has deferred payments for a maximum of seven years, followed by amortizing payments for 23 years.  The entire down payment-assistance loan is due and payable if the borrower sells, refinances, no longer occupies the home or is no longer employed by the University of Washington.



For general questions about the UW’s UHAP program not answered in these program materials or in the below FAQs, please contact: Vivianne Yang at UW Treasury Office: or 206 221-7239.


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