Meet the leadership team

felipe-martinez-headshotFelipe Martinez | Executive Director, CIRCLE
In his role as executive director, Felipe is responsible for the coordination and implementation of programs and services to support international students. To achieve this goal, Felipe collaborates with a variety of departments to streamline communication and holistic support for students. Prior to this role, Felipe worked at the UW and other institutions on student success and retention programs and initiatives to support students on their path toward graduation.

era-schrepfer-headshotEra Schrepfer | Executive Director, FIUTS
Era Schrepfer has been executive director at FIUTS since 2006. In her role, she has collaborated with the FIUTS community board, student board and staff to grow the organization, expand leadership programming and build strong partnerships both on and off campus. Before joining FIUTS, she worked in leadership and operations at several local nonprofits and served in the U.S. Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.

dan-zhu-headshotDan Zhu | Assistant Director, CIRCLE
In her role as assistant director, Dan implements programs and services for international student engagement. Having been a Husky for more than ten years, Dan completed her Ph.D. dissertation on international students’ writing and writer identity. After graduating from Beijing Normal University, Dan taught in China, the United Kingdom and the United States. Dan is passionate about helping international students succeed at the University of Washington and beyond.