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Pathways to Results (PTR) is an outcomes-focused, equity-minded approach that empowers colleges to use methods, templates and tools to continuously improve pathways and programs of study by addressing inequities in student outcomes. Enhanced results for students, programs, organizations, and systems is the primary goal. Dr. Debra Bragg started this work in 2009 with colleagues at the Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) and continues this work with colleagues here at CCRI.

The PTR Process

Pathways to Results is an outcomes-focused, equity-guided process to improve student transition to postsecondary education and employment.

Engagement and Commitment

Team members focus on critical problems that need to be addressed to improve pathways.

Primary Module


Outcomes and Equity Assessment

Teams use student-level data to identify gaps in outcomes between racial, ethnic, low income, and other underserved populations.

Primary Module


  • Team Readiness Tool [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Student Outcomes and Selection Worksheet [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Team Worksheet and Contribution to Charter [PDF] [DOCX]

Process Assessment

Teams analyze “core processes” (e.g., recruiting, advising, teaching, learning) that contribute to the problem.

Primary Module


  • Detailed Process Description Worksheet [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Sample Team Meeting Two Agenda [PDF] [DOCX]

Process Improvement

Teams reach consensus on solutions and develop implementation and evaluation plans to improve student outcomes and programs of study quality over time.

Primary Module


  • Suggested Solutions Worksheet [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Solution Evaluation Worksheet [PDF] [DOCX]
  • PTR Implementation Plan [PDF] [DOCX]
  • PTR Evaluation Plan [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Evaluating Progress on the Improvement Objective Worksheet [PDF] [DOCX]

Review and Reflection

Team members, individually and collectively, review and reflect on lessons learned from engaging in the PTR process.

Primary Module


  • Sample Agenda: Group Reflection Meeting [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Individual Reflection Tool [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Reflection Sharing Tool [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Survey Questions [PDF] [DOCX]

Products and Resources

Publications and supplemental resources related to the PTR Process and Projects.


CCRI would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Illinois Community College Board in the creation and dissemination of PTR.

Attribution: Much of the content on this page was developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, through the Office of Community College Research and Leadership – OCCRL at the College of Education. To download materials from the OCCRL website at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, use this link.

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