Community College Research Initiatives

Designing a Coaching Program

The tools and resources located on this page pertain to designing a coaching program to support colleges implement student success initiatives and complex education reforms.

Evidence-based Coaching for Change
This brief provides theories, perspectives, and insights into evidence-based coaching for two-year colleges to implement, continuously improve and sustain coaching that focuses on improving performance and results in more equitable outcomes for students.

Coaching Model Summaries – coming soon!

Planning Tools

Planning Tool for SSC Led Coaching Programs
The overarching purpose of this planning tool is to help Student Success Center (SSC) leaders, staff, and their partners assess their existing or emerging capacity to deliver a robust coaching program for their colleges and to make decisions about areas that need greater focus.

Reflective Questions Tools
Reflective questions for coaches and community colleges on Evidence-based coaching for change.

Webinar slides

Getting Started
Getting Started: Slides from a webinar on how coaches can facilitate institutional change. Provides sample action plans, tips, and emphasizes the need for evidence to determine if change is happening.

SSCN Guided Pathways Coaching Pilot
Slides from a webinar on coaching pilot and CCRI findings with a focus on three Student Success Centers.