Community College Research Initiatives

Lessons Learned

Through the 2017 pilot and the 2018 phase I of the SSCN Coaching Program, CCRI in partnership with the Student Success Center Network has worked with many of the Student Success Center (SSCs) executive directors as a strategic thought partner to explore the design, development, and implementation of a wide array of coaching programs. As our team documents salient lessons about successes, challenges, and important components to consider in planning coaching programs, we share our discoveries with SSCN as well as post what we are learning on this page.

Essential Elements for Designing a Coaching Program – coming soon!

Lessons Learned from The SSCN Assessment, Research, and Coaching Pilot
The Assessment, Research, and Coaching Pilot began with 10 SSCs implementing a range of activities, including using the Scale of Adoption Assessment (SOAA) or other assessments to establish baselines; using assessment data to focus pathway development, improve programs, and target coaching; and developing coaching designs and strategies for organizational change. This document summarizes coaching strategies and program designs along with cross-cutting themes of challenges that SSCs encountered.

Reflection on Initial Lessons
During the coaching pilot, these slides were produced for a webinar on providing space and techniques for individual and group reflection on coaching efforts.