Community College Research Initiatives

Engaging Colleges

In the domain of coaching to support and steward organizational change in education reform, college engagement refers to building the case for colleges to participate in coaching, how to prepare colleges to make the most out of an experience, and sustain participation with coaching over time to achieve their goals.

College Engagement in and Readiness For Coaching
This tool is intended to be used by Student Success Center (SSC) leadership and the colleges to provide information on definitions, potential benefits, and preparations for coaching. This document is meant to be adaptable to different contexts. The tool has two parts: 1) case making for colleges to engage a coach, and 2) a self-reflection planning guide to prepare colleges for working with a coach.

College Engagement (presentation)
These slides are from a webinar on college engagement for both the coaches and the colleges using coaches for institutional change. It provides do’s and don’ts around Coaching for Change and mock schedules for site visits.