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Past Jackson Munro Fellows

Here is a look at some of the students who have served as Jackson Munro Fellows in recent years.

Sarah Yu – 2015

Sarah Yu was a 2nd year student majoring in International Studies and Economics when she received the Jackson Munro fellowship to continue and deepen her work with the Seattle Red Cross, where she had served as a volunteer and Board Member since she was a teenager. As a Jackson Munro Fellow, Sarah directed her passion for the Seattle Red Cross’ mission and programs to develop strong systems for government relations at the Red Cross throughout Washington State. Over the period of her fellowship, Sarah identified key elected officials throughout Washington State for the Red Cross to prioritize in its government relationships work, developed a toolkit for Red Cross Board Members and staff to use in interacting with elected officials, and mapped out a plan for the Red Cross’ work with elected officials for the time leading up to the 2016 legislative session.

Sarah Yu- Jackson Munro Photos
Susie Dobkins- Jackson Munro Photos

Susie Dobkins – 2015

Susie Dobkins was a 5th year, graduating student majoring in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences when she received the Jackson Munro fellowship. Building upon her experiences serving in the UW Dream Project, First Year Programs as a Freshman Interest Group Leader, as a Pipeline Environmental Alternative Spring Break participant and Scholarship Junkies Corps Member, as a Jackson Munro Fellow, Susie led a team of UW students in piloting, creating and producing a set of 50 college readiness/career planning posters to hang in local high schools, exposing students to careers that they may never have never considered and mapping out the exact classes in their high school and nearby colleges/apprenticeship programs that students could use to get there.

Linda Yang – 2014

As a Jackson Munro Fellow, Linda Yang collaborated with the 45th Street Clinic to develop a hypertension and diabetes screening program which could be implemented at the Farmer’s Market, community health events, and community centers. Linda had volunteered with 45th Street Clinic since her freshman year, and was a 3rd year student majoring in Microbiology and Anthropology (Medical Anthropology & Global Health) when she received the award.

Linda Yang-Jackson Munro Photos
Stephen Nganga- Jackson Munro Photos

Stephen Nganga – 2014

As a Jackson Munro Fellow, Stephen Nganga worked with the community of SeaTac to develop a health fair with resources such as hypertension screening, vision screening, educational booths, diabetes screening and information, and assistance in understanding the Affordable Care Act. Stephen was a 4th year student majoring in Public Health when he received the award.