Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

CELE Summer Fellowship

Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Summer Fellowship

*This newly named program encompasses the Jackson Munro Public Service Fellowship and the Class of 2016 Diversity Fellowship, along with the Class of 1955 Civic Fellowship, the Buller Civic Fellowship, and the Carlson Civic Fellowship.

*This year’s CELE Summer Fellowship has been suspended.
(updated 3/24/2020)
We are disappointed to pause our summer programming, but in light of COVID-19 and great uncertainty surrounding public health recommendations in the coming months, we will not proceed with selecting summer fellows along our original timeline. Please stay tuned for updates in the coming months regarding future paid opportunities to engage in community partnerships. Please contact Katie Wallace at with any questions or concerns.


What is the CELE Summer Fellowship?

The CELE Summer Fellowship provides undergraduates with the opportunity to deepen their commitment to community engagement and leadership. CELE Summer Fellows are selected based on the strength of a community project proposed in collaboration with a public sector (nonprofit or governmental) organization.

Selection of CELE Summer Fellows

CELE Summer Fellows build on experiences and partnerships they have forged in the previous academic year(s). 

Fellows are selected for a summer intensive experience based on three primary factors:

  • An established partnership with a nonprofit or public sector organization
  • A collaborative plan for a summer intensive project that will benefit the partnering organization while increasing student skills and learning
  • An articulation of how their work as a fellow will contribute to their development in community engagement and leadership

Fellowship Timeline
*2020 summer fellowship has been suspended until further notice. 


In addition to a monetary award of $2,500 for the summer, CELE Summer Fellows are supported through advising with CELE staff.


  • Active engagement in your Fellowship Project during summer quarter
  • Enrollment in summer quarter courses and/or enrollment in spring AND autumn courses at the University of Washington
  • Willing to schedule and complete a site visit with your organization supervisor and a CELE staff member
  • Able to write a summary of fellowship activities and reflection to be shared with the fellowship sponsors and posted on the CELE website
  • Active participation in regularly scheduled cohort meetings (dates are listed in application materials)
  • Participation in Fellowship Celebrations

Application Instructions

*This program has been suspended for Summer 2020.

Considering the following prompts will help you prepare your application:

  1. Why are you interested in the CELE Summer Fellowship?
  2. What have you learned about community engagement and leadership through previous involvement in your community?
  3. What organization will you be working with as a CELE Summer Fellow this summer? What is your history with this organization?
  4. What project will you undertake as a CELE Summer Fellow? How will this work be helpful to your organization? What do you hope will be different as a result of your work on this project?
  5. How will your project be sustained at the end of your Fellowship period?
  6. How is your project and community-based experience tied to your educational goals at the University of Washington?
  7. How will your work as a CELE Summer Fellow contribute to your personal and professional goals?

You will need to provide the name, position/title, email address, and phone number for an individual within the organization you are partnering with who can speak about your project and partnership. We may contact them for more information about your engagement with their organization and their support of your summer intensive experience.

Learn more about the history of the Jackson Munro Public Service Fellowship (formerly the Sterling and Gene Munro Public Service Fellowship) 

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