Congratulations Guillermo Fernando Mogollan Diego!

“[Guillermo’s leadership] is the kind of leadership we should be proudest of, for it’s the kind that can take our world the farthest toward justice.”  – Angelina Godoy, Director, University of Washington Center for Human Rights; Professor, LSJ/International Studies; Helen H. Jackson Chair in Human Rights

2018 Carlson Award Winner

Guillermo’s UW journey has included work as a leader of the Washington Dream Coalition, a field organizer for the Washington State Democratic Party, a researcher with the UW Center for Human Rights, and intern for the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, and as a campaign manager for the first latinx candidate to be elected to the Burien City Council.

Excerpt from an interview published by The Medium: I started college with the idea of getting a degree that would lead to a good job. Then I started to learn about power dynamics, hierarchies, and how things worked. I chose political science to get an understanding of institutions, laws, to learn about structures, and especially local governments, the role of local officials.

I got interested in local politics when I saw what was happening in my high school [in Mt. Vernon, WA]. My school was 50% Latino, but we had only one Latino teacher. And this was because people in my community lack access to the places where decisions are made. They need access to representation and the opportunity and ability to run for office and represent.

I decided that my major would be less about getting a job and more about doing the most that I can with the resources and knowledge available to me through the university — as well as through the community. I want to work in a space where I can make a difference, hold elected officials accountable, and make sure my community has a seat at the table.

At the end of the day, I come from a community that I can’t turn my back on. If you’re not bringing people into the spaces where you work, then you’re not doing your job well. I want to continue to work in Seattle, but ultimately I want to move back home to Mt. Vernon and cultivate local candidates and build an infrastructure that will make it possible for others to run for office.”

Mogollan Diego in an interview with Univision Seattle about the 5th Annual Beyond HB 1079 Conference.

Mogollan Diego in an interview with Univision Seattle about the 5th Annual Beyond HB 1079 Conference.