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2015 Carlson Award Winner

Congratulations David Inglish!

2015 Carlson Award Winner

David Inglish, presenting his work with Entre Hemanos as part of the gallery of student projects at the 2015 Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership.

Through his journey from a painfully shy 1st year college student to the confident young man he is today, David Inglish has exemplified what it means to be a civic leader. He has worked tirelessly to address the isolation, poverty, and legislative policies that negatively affect foster youth. His work with the Mockingbird Society, Entre Hermanos, and Treehouse forged the foundation for his relentless advocacy on behalf of foster youth throughout the world. David currently lends his time and talents to the Champions Program, serving as a community resource for current and former foster youth throughout Seattle and looks forward to earning a Masters degree in Public Administration in the future in order to further advocate for policy reform that will have a lasting impact on the everyday lives of foster youth.

It is because of his passion and his deep commitment to changing the realities that foster youth face that David Inglish has been awarded with this year’s Edward E. Carlson Award.

David Carlson Award

Jane Carlson, Daughter of Edward E, Carlson presenting the Carlson Award to David Inglish at the 2015 Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership.

Excerpt from David Inglish’s award application: I had no idea how to define civic leadership at first. I knew the phrase more from the actions and words of the people I saw as leaders in my community. I could see in them things like determination, honesty, open-mindedness and advocacy. These people believed that even the smallest actions they took could have profound outcomes. These traits have become essential to who I am as a person and who I want to become.