Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center


Spanish majors are required to complete a two-quarter service-learning commitment with Spanish-speaking communities in Seattle or participate in an intensive Spanish language study abroad program in order to meet departmental graduation requirements.  The Carlson Center works with Spanish majors who choose to pursue the service-learning commitment, as well as many non-majors who are looking for opportunities to enhance or maintain their Spanish language skills through volunteering.

The Carlson Center develops service-learning placements that allow students to intentionally engage with the Spanish speaking community in the Puget Sound area.  Students will commit to their service-learning organizations for two quarters (about six months) and are expected to work three to five hours a week (a minimum of 30 hours each quarter).  Ideally, students will have the chance to engage and improve their spoken language skills through service, and gain exposure to culture and customs of the Spanish-speaking world.

Students who choose the service-learning commitment to fill their Spanish major degree requirements represent a variety of backgrounds and personal history with the language; they are all enrolled in 300-level language courses that will continue to enhance their written language skill.  The service-learning component of the Spanish major is designed to refine student’s spoken language skills and give them first-hand experience with fluent speakers.  To support these learning goals, we are looking for volunteer opportunities in multi-lingual environments that include supervisors, co-workers, and clients that are fluent in Spanish.  Students are generally working on their written language skills concurrent with their service-learning commitment, so any written translation work will require close mentorship from organization staff.


Please contact Carlson Center staff at to discuss any positions that you think might be a good fit for Spanish students.