Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Multi-Quarter Service-Learning Opportunities

About half of the students that work in the community through service-learning courses are required (often by their major) to commit to a community-based organization for more than one academic quarter. Each of these programs has a slightly different requirements and timelines. We invite you to learn more about each program listed below, and to be in conversation with Carlson Center staff about which cohorts of students you’re interested in working with this academic year.

Community Service Learning (CSL) for Bachelor of Social Work (BASW)

Students in this cohort (about 45 students) serve a minimum of 80 hours between December and June. This is a pre-practicum experience that is designed to build professional skills and help students identify an area of interest to explore in future coursework. Students in this group are often looking for roles that give them exposure to direct service and access to administrative perspectives.

Early Childhood and Family Studies

Students in the Teaching and Learning cohort (about 45 students) make a full academic year commitment in a classroom setting to support their goal of being preschool or early elementary teachers. Students in the Core Pathway (about 100 students a year) choose from a variety of service roles in organizations that serve children 0-8 years old and their families.

Education, Communities, and Organizations

This is a new capstone course for a new major! Approximately 50 students (in 2017-18–more in future years) will commit ten hours per week in an intensive capstone internship between November and June. Students in this cohort are looking for robust roles that will support their goals of becoming educators for equity in a variety of fields, including youth development, policy making, health care and other community-based settings.

Public Health Capstone

In the undergraduate public health capstone, students volunteer a minimum of 50 hours over the course of two quarters while they explore public health themes related to your organization’s work. Approximately 60 students complete their capstone between October and March; 180 student complete their capstone between January and June; and a small cohort of 20 students complete their capstone in an intensive summer experience.

Spanish Major

Students in the Spanish major may choose to fill their experiential learning requirement by completing a two-quarter service-learning commitment with Spanish speaking communities in Seattle. Approximately 20 students each year (ten from October to March; ten from January to June) complete a minimum of 60 hours with your organization to engage and improve their spoken language skills through service, while experiencing the culture and customs of the Spanish-speaking world.

Getting Connected

Please contact the Carlson Center service-learning team to further discuss any of these multi-quarter programs! We will be happy to answer your questions and get you connected with the next recruitment cycle for programs that are a good fit for your organization!

If you have a strong need for longer term volunteers may also consider applying to host an Undergraduate Community-Based Intern (UCBI) or posting volunteer/intern roles that don’t fit well with service-learning timelines to our Public Service Opportunities Bulletin.