Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Browse and Register for Service-Learning Positions

Before you register

  1. Review general information about service-learning, including registration open times.
  2. BEGIN BROWSING positions for your service-learning course. During the first few days of the quarter (sometimes a few days before the quarter starts), students registered for a service-learning course with the Carlson Center can begin reviewing possible service-learning placement options online.
  3. Please DO NOT contact organizations to inquire about position logistics until you have registered through EXPO. If you have questions, contact the Carlson Center directly or visit our FAQ page to learn more about service-learning in your course. Carlson Center staff will make a presentation in each class about service-learning logistics during the first days of the quarter.

Tips for browsing and logistics

The basics

  • Review the service-learning timeline for the current quarter.
  • Register for a position during Week 1.
  • Attend an orientation at your organization during Week 2.
  • Make a regular weekly commitment for the duration of the entire quarter, committing to ~3-5 hours of service each week.
  • Communicate with your site supervisor proactively and professionally.
  • If you cannot make an assigned shift, contact your supervisor immediately and always offer to make up missed time.
  • Students engaged in service-learning will volunteer with one community partner organization for the duration of the quarter (from the second week, through the last week of classes), generally spending 3 to 5 hours per week in their positions–depending on the partners’ needs.
  • Choose options that are interesting to you and fit with your course/work schedule.  Learn about each organization by checking out the organization’s website.


  • Service-learning registration dates/times vary. Talk to your professor to find out when registration opens for your course.
  • Service-learning positions are first come, first served. Please be prepared to register with a few positions in mind. If you did not get a confirmation email immediately after going through the registration process, this means that you DID NOT get the position. You must choose another open position and make sure you receive a confirmation email after registering before you reach out to the site supervisor.