Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Attend a Pre-Service Workshop

The goal of the Pre-Service Workshops is to help students prepare for their service-learning experience through intentional, structured reflection.  Reflection is a central component of the service-learning experience; through reflection that is intentionally integrated with academic content, service-learning students are able to deepen their learning through a real life experience.  The Pre-Service Workshop will provide students with a basic overview of service-learning fundamentals including building reciprocal relationships, approaching community work from an asset-based perspective, and exhibiting professionalism in their work with community organizations.  Students will reflect on aspects of their personal identity and examine how these inform their ideas about entering into service work and how they would work through potential scenarios they might encounter as a service-learning student.  Students will also have an opportunity to hear from their peers through activities, small group, and large group discussion.

How do I attend?

Pre-Service Workshops will be offered during the times listed below in Mary Gates 171unless otherwise noted.  No RSVP is necessary, but please arrive 5 minutes to check in at the front desk!

Autumn 2018 Pre-Service Workshop Dates:

We are in the process of improving our pre-service workshops and thus will not be holding them for the Autumn quarter. Check back in the Winter!