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Gen St 350: Finding an Academic Sponsor

Finding a Faculty Sponsor for GEN ST 350 A or B is the responsibility of the student

Tips for identifying and requesting a faculty sponsor

  • Approach a professor that teaches in the area of your internship. For example, if you have a marketing internship, you can contact faculty members in the business school, marketing, or communications.
  • Ask friends for recommendations of professors they have had. They would know better than anyone on campus about the professor’s teaching style and personality.
  • Departmental advisors can give you a list of professors that typically work with independent study students. Students often engage in internships outside of their major so feel free to approach other departments.
  • The Center for Advising, Diversity and Student Success in Mary Gates Hall provides pre-major advising and can recommend faculty members as well.
  • Send faculty an e-mail or go to office hours and try your luck. Be clear about what your internship is, your learning goals and objectives, and ideas you have for how to demonstrate your learning!

What if I cannot find a Faculty Sponsor?

Consider registering for the distance learning sections of General Studies 350 (C/D) In this section, instructors will interact with you via a Canvas course to guide reflective learning, assist you in making connections to your academic focus, and connect your learning to career competencies and skills. Please note that students may only enroll in GEN ST 350 C/D for one academic quarter per internship experience, to the maximum number of credits allowed for GEN ST 350.

General Studies 350 Registration Information

The Carlson Center no longer uses a paper form for General Studies 350 registration. Visit our Registration page to learn more!