Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Winter 2017 Service Learning Courses

Browse and Register for service-learning positions in these courses starting in early January.

We will keep adding to this list as additional service-learning courses are confirmed for Winter!

Course Course Title Faculty Service-Learning Registration Period
(opens at 8am on the day listed, closes Monday, January 9th at 5pm, unless otherwise noted)
AES 340 Race, Ethnicity, and Education  Rick Bonus Friday, January 06
ANTH 467 Anthropology of Public Education  Holly Barker  Wednesday, January 04 at 12pm
AAS Applied Academic Skills (AAS)  Roxanne Brame, Mike Smolker  Wednesday, January 04 at 10:30
CEP 200 Introduction to Community and Environmental Planning  Christopher Campbell  Thursday, January 05
CHID 480A/GWSS 490C Grappling with Environmental Destruction  Lauren O’Laughlin  Friday, January 06
ECFS 200 Introduction to Early Childhood and Family Studies  Debi Talukdar  Friday, January 06
ECFS 303 and 304 Service-Learning and Research  Mary Clevenger-Bright  Friday, January 06
ECFS 455 Service-Learning and Research  Caroline Woolmington
ENGL 121A Composition Social Issues (Every Student College Bound)  Carol Robertson  Thursday, January 05
ENGL 121B Composition Social Issues (Writing as Social Action)  Jacqui Pratt  Thursday, January 05
ENGL 121C Composition Social Issues (Environment)  Jennifer Haden  Thursday, January 05
ENGL 121D Composition Social Issues (Human Rights)  Sumyat Thu  Thursday, January 05
ENGL 121F Composition Social Issues (Homelessness In Seattle)  Shane Peterson  Thursday, January 05
ENGL 471 Teaching Writing  Anis Bawarshi, Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill Tuesday, January 03 at 03:30
ENVIR 100 Environmental Foundations  Elizabeth Wheat
Kristi Straus
  Friday, January 06
ENVIR 239 Sustainable Choices  Kristi  Straus   Thursday, January 05
GEOG 370 Problems of Resource Management  Christine Biermann  Friday, January 06
GEN ST 348  Are Do Gooders Doing Good?  TBA
GWSS/PSYCH 257  Psychology of Gender  Ann Culligan   Friday, January 06
HSTCMP 249/POL S 249/SOC 266 Labor Studies  George Lovell  Thursday, January 05
JSIS 478 The Real Cost of Food  Taso Lagos  Monday, January 09 – Friday, January 13
SOC 110 Survey Sociology  Susan Pitchford  Thursday, January 05
SOC 270 Social Problems  Kara Dillard   Friday, January 06
SOC 292  Public Schools in America  Susan Pitchford  Wednesday, January 04 at 12:00
SOC WF 315A  Community Service Learning  Kerrie Murphy
SPAN 392  Experiential Learning  Maria Gillman
Suzanna Martinez
SPH 491 and 492 Public Health Capstone  Deborah Hinchey  Tuesday, January 10 – Friday, January 13